Alva's Lament


”An Archaeologist greatest discovery turns out to be their greatest mistake, it is now up to her to

prevent the awakening of the old ones!”

This was the third project that I created at The Game Assembly. It was also the first project I

wrote in C++ using the in-house engine Tga2D. The game is a shoot them up

inspired by Sine Mora and Ikaruga.

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My contributions:




Score system

Particle system


Engine: TGA2D

Production time: 8 weeks 50%

The Crypt Keepers


Fadi Makdes

Felix Ulvmåne

Jonathan Salling

Linus Bensryd

William Arnback

Graphical Artists:

Alva Granholm

Amanda Westergren

Viktor Gustafsson

Level Designers:

David Haddad

Emil Svensson


Aron Tinz

Elliot Raud