”Help the Blobs guide their boat to the sea, reshaping the ground and changing the course of a river.”

This was a mobile game I made as my second project at The Game Assembly. We had a low scope for this game which

was awesome as we could spend time on game testing and polishing the game feel. As the time allowed us to do this,

the game came out to be amazing and even won the Swedish Game Awards mobile game of the year

along with becoming a runner up in The Rookies mobile game of the year. The mission of the game is to help blobs

guide a little bark boat by rotating tiles and solving the puzzles.

My contribution:

Turns system

Save system

Next level menu

Settings/credits menu



Engine: Unity

Production time: 6 weeks 50%

Raft Works


Bjrön Franzén

Christos Kalandis

Linus Bensryd

Sandro Müntzing

Vidar Habacke

Graphical Artists:

Gustav Larsson

Joel Herslow

Josefine Rosenlind

Viktor Gustafsson

Level Designers:

David Haddad

Alexander Thambert


Anna Sigfridsson

Jacky Coh